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Banning with Slot #?


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Hi guys,

Sorry to ask somewhat of a stupid question but how do we ban/kick person using the slot #?

I ask this because we had a Hacker in our server who we couldn't not ban. His name would not show up in Bf2cc but my buddy said he was in slot 7.


can anyone provide an example of what command to type to ban via slot #?

Thanks a bunch




This was the butthead causing our problems



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PB_SV_Ban [name or slot #] [displayed_reason] | [optional_private_reason]

Removes a player from the game and permanently bans that player from the server based on the player's guid (based on the cdkey); the ban is logged and also written to the pbbans.dat file in the pb folder


pb_sv_ban 7

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Use /pb_plist to get player slot/connection number/ID's


Use /rcon "passwordhere" pb_sv_ban "slot or name here"


BF2 works a bit different from some games, so checking with www.evenbalance.com for your particulars will help, clicking on the game-link for your game.

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I'd just like to mention that with Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142, the game/player slot number is different from the PunkBuster slot number. I haven't tested BF2 yet, but this definitely applies to BF2142, so I could only assume it will do the same in BF2.


If you look in the player list tab in-game and see the - # by their name, that is their BF2/BF2142 slot ID. Their actual PunkBuster ID is one number higher. This is due to BF2/BF2142's slots starting at 0 while PunkBuster starts at 1. Also note there are two different commands for kicking by slot number.


BF2/2142 Command: admin.kickplayer #


PunkBuster command: pb_sv_kick #

If you want to kick via PunkBuster, first issue a pb_pblist command. Find the slot number of the player you want to kick. As an example, let's say you want to kick someone with the PB slot number of 5. Type the following in the console: rcon exec pb_sv_kick 5 Hacking Player -- this would kick the person with the PB slot number of 5 for the reason of Hacking Player. Issuing the command exactly as above is for use in-game only. If you are issuing it via BF2CC, try exec pb_sv_kick 5 Hacking Player (without the "rcon" in front).


To kick via the BF2/BF2142 Player Slot # (I would recommend THIS option as you can be absolute certain of the slot number, and you can easily see it in the player's tab)

Find the slot number of the player you want in the players tab, as an example, we will kick the person with a slot number of 4. You would then issue:
rcon admin.kickplayer 4
. You do not have the option of entering a reason using this command. Issuing it via BF2CC, type:
admin.kickplayer 4

I hope this helps. If it's too confusing, let me know and I'll revise it.

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