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banned from my own server


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hi canyone help then please send me a pm on here admins to help me if u can as iwould very much apreciate it,i have my own bf2 server which i have had for 2 years but last 3 nites some hackers have come in and totally took over the admins on our own server and i the admin are getting kicked all time from my own bf2 server,can u help anyone please.

ok the guy who is hacking my server is called masalobe,i have been intouch with ea and my serevr company,i will keep trying your ts to see if anyone can chat and help me out,thanks.

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If you would stream with your servers to PBBans, you would have Master Player Index access, and with that you could attempt to track those people who is hacking your server.


However, check your server logs. If you don't know how, or you can't find it, contact your hoster.

Then, ban those players. :)

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two things, to take control of the server and kick you they need to either have in-game admin or control over bf2cc or similar.


Change your bf2cc admin passwords and make sure only your trusted admins have them.


I'll assume that the problem is actually in-game admin. It is usually authenticated by alias/PID which is spoofable, something like this in your configs:


mm_iga.addAdmin "43649948:all"


Change the PID/Alias to the players GUID. It will help prevent hackers from taking over in-game admin accounts by spoofing PID/Name.

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ok first of all thanks for your replys,ok u can not see his name in the bf2cc or the bf2ra programme to kick or ban him,but i do have his gamespy name and his gamespy name is masalobe,ok i have tryed u here and i have also tryed ea with the screen shots i have of him,he comes in our server under lots of different names but we still find him under his gamespy name as masalobe,i have also been on phone to my server company for the last 2 days trying to fix this problem,we got rid of all my ingame admins and only i was an admin and that didnt work,so we changed the rcon and bf2cc passwords and that didnt work,because i could not see his name at all in my bf2cc or bf2ra kicking programme to kick him,

so my server company as set us up another bf2 sf server for now and we pray and hope he dosent come back in to our server,i really need someone to talk to on your teamspeak please as i am very desperate,can please do me a big favour and give me a time and a date when uare on the punkbuster teamspeak u have,thankyou.

p.s. aparaently ea know about this hack he or they are using to hack peoples servers,so where we go from here but its the same guy called masalobe seems to be the problem.

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I can be on teamspeak to help you set your server up to stream - just let me know a time frame - I am in Australia so my time is

GMT(UTC) +10 - I am usually available GMT(UTC) 1.00 am - 2.00pm - just pm me when you have the time and we will organise it.



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thanks frozzer and siskin for alll your help,but my serevr comapny as very kindly set us up anotjher serevr with a diferent ip to try and get rid of him,but i am absolutely gratefull for your pm frozzer i will pass it on to my server company thanks a million,

sisiion i will try get on your ts of here tonite at 1am i think u mean in your time lol,thanks all :)

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