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Pbbans MBI list in xml format


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Is their anyway i can dowload the MBI list in the xml format with all the ips associated (dynamic) to busted cheater. The reason for this is :


Player A is using dynamic ip range form 1 to 10. If he is busted on 3 MBI list only contains his 3rd ip. But when u do seach by banned ip on Master Player index his all range from which he played on is shown exception is his guid must be same.


So, it makes the search easy and more robust to continous busted cheaters.

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Just change the .dat extension to .xml. The data inside the file is xml-formated. ;)


Lol I guess this edit means you found out by yourself. :P


Nah lol if u change the .dat to .xml it gives error while importing to access and if txt its ok. Oh btw i did found the blue icon lol .. thanks for that.. and btw still it doesnt show all ips used by busted player.


Is it that i have to look in master player index all the time?

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