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Q&A covering the upcoming Battlefield 2142 Update 1.50


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Q. What new content will we see in Battlefield 2142 Update 1.50?


A. As well as a number of bug fixes and tweaks based on community feedback we are going to be releasing two new maps created by community members. Wake Island makes its return to Battlefield PC thanks to the guys at Sir. Community and a map which you may have heard of called Anzio will be appearing with a name change as Operation Shingle created by Jason Brice. We are also bringing a No Vehicles option to a number of 2142 maps for those players who want to fight it out on foot as well as allowing you to access 16:9 and 16:10 resolutions for those widescreen monitors. We also heard your cries for movement in pods to be re-introduced on transport ship escape pods so we have been working on giving that back to you while still limiting pod surfing use.


Q. How did you select the community maps to include in Update 1.50?


A. Both maps we decided to include in Update 1.50 were selected from a wide choice of maps that are out there in the community, it was felt they brought something new to Battlefield 2142 and although some of you will have seen them before in previous forms, they have now been updated and are new maps to Battlefield 2142. Both groups have worked closely with DICE Live and have gone through extensive testing to get the best balance and Battlefield experience from the maps. Wake Island 2142 also holds a little twist to the way Conquest game mode is usually played so watch out for that.


Q. When will Battlefield 2142 Update 1.50 be released?


A. Update 1.50 will be released for public beta towards the end of April and is there to get your feedback as well as run checks on server stability. All being well, we will release Update 1.50 at the beginning of May. Visit www.battlefield.com for more announcements regarding the beta and launch and leave your feedback on the forums.




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Thats really great info. Thanks Maydax.


I just wish EA right now would fix the issues with the master server. Most of my members can't login.

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I don't know exactly what additional measures have been put in place to prevent cheating in the 1.5 patch, or whether those measure go beyond impeding the glitchers from getting in buildings, but anyway, having played a few rounds on Operation Shingle, I get the feeling that post-patch there is much less cheating going on compared to a few days ago (pre-patch).


It seems that suddenly there are only a handful of amazing super-accurate players, as you might expect, rather than half the f*c*ing battlefield being made up of them. :)


Perhaps though that's more to do with the stuff you guys are doing here at pb bans. ...I suppose I have no direct way of telling. In any case, I just wanted to say that things seem to be looking up a little bit as far as fairness in BF2142.



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Well you will never stop the aimbotters etc. The big one is the commander and name hacks. I'm interested to see if the commander hack is now fixed.

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Yea the aimbotters will always be there. Honestly my clan hasn't seen a reduction in hackers. We are still catching a few of them about everyweek. I actually just caught one a few minutes ago submitted the shot and are waiting on the ban for it.


Havn't seen a commander hack yet MaydaX. I usually see one almost everyday while pubbing.

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Yeah, I am under no illusions that the game is still full of aimbots... ...I'm just saying that things seem to be looking *slightly* better recently.


I think though that we might well be the last generation of people who get to even enjoy *some* fair games against unknown players.


In future, I expect it will become so hard to detect cheats that the only people you'll want to play with will be people using machines in the same room as you, so you can get up at any point and view their screens to be sure they aren't using hacks. :(


Hey, maybe we should all be made to play with OPTICAL monitoring stuff running in the background (i.e. webcams pointing at our actual displays, where the server admin can see anyone's display at the click of a button). That would screw up a LOT of cheats! :D


...Oh no, hang on: They'd just have dual displays and code something so that the 2nd display hid their hacks. :(


AAAAARGH!!!!! I just want to have a fair game of Battlefield 2142!!!! Why is it so haaaaaaaaard!!! :(

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