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Found A Hacker


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I found a hacker on a PBBans streamed server. I am not the server admin of this server, but I would like to report the hacker. Where do I do this?


Sorry, I am new to this website.


Edit: Here is his name on the bans listing - I guess he got a different GUID.




He is playing/hacking with his new GUID though. He has an aim bot, wall hack, and a way to jam our RCON. I have pictures if needed.

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Ditto what Bob said


Cheaters Cheat thats what they do .... PBBans can and will only ban with proof, Be vigilant, Most will be caught again, even with their New GUID. Unfortunately once they obtain a different GUID there back in the game until then



hmm....is that p00p on my Ban Sig :blink:

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You need to contact the server admin.....he can work to get the player banned.
Ditto what Bob said
Ditto again.




hmm....is that p00p on my Ban Sig :blink:

Why yes it is!!!


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