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How Are Some Ways To Get Traffic As I Will Have To Shut Down.


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My traffic went up significantly when I started streaming Pbbans, and everyone liked it was coming back etc and some do.


On average though my server has a major traffic issue and I will have no choice but to shut it down at this rate. Any ideas on how to fix it? I have paid 3 months now and streamed probably 1 of those 3.


My 2 sons are ones wanted me to do this so now I do all the setting up and getting setup with Pbbans, I am going to have to shut it down as paying and no one comes to MANIACS_TEAM_DMHC



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Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare No Mods.


I do not permit swearing or any disrespectful activity, real stickler, have a computer program like the one for "Bad Names", well, this one is for Bad Words that gives them 2 warnings then bans them with message to write me if feel unfair.


I also have scrolling msg that explains "Computer program monitors language, executes commands, you give it the input, it will give you the output, please do not test it"


Lot people like that atmosphere and there are little kids come one there I think sometimes. One guy who comes to ours, have not seen for awhile but he claimed to be 9.


But yeah if I don't get some more people I am going to have shut it down.



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ive been trying to figure that out for years man. Try diffrent game types, seems like a lot of people enjoy the new maps. maybe try to do a custom maps server see if that draws them

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I personally dont play on a server that restricts a player by what they say i.e. swearing.. or certain words they deem 'bad'.


also at times I dont like "stock" maps go for custom maps (find the one that the majority of players LIKE)


an example in bf2 i Only play Dalian Plant cuz its the one i like the most.

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Also cod4 has issues with the in game browser you have to keep a eye on it an make sure it's active enough to show up.


I don't even want to go into how stupidly that was made... :angry:

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Gaining server traffic is generally an up-hill challenge. I find that if I pm a few buds on x-fire, and jump on my own server, it rarely takes long to get a decent game going. Personally, I like smaller servers, and only run 16 slots for mine because I find the 32 slot servers rediculously chaotic. There are times where that is fine, but 16 slots and tactical-gaming are more my thing.


You might give this site a try to see if you can change anything to give you a better edge on showing up on the master server list, as well.



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Oh sorry, Calll of Duty 4 IP is my server


I appreciate all your feedback. I modeled my servers rules after a server Clan I played on previously and they didn't actually have a tiny program to do the work for them but they kept the insults, swearing to zero, and it was one classy server.


People came on there after 1st visit knew "common respect & non-offensive language is a requirement on this server or they will boot you in a heartbeat"


Some have complained about my restraining trash talk and others immediately chimed in "some members find it offensive and enjoy this server for that reason" so there are places to talk however you want and places you are required to respect people and when you go there you know when you shoot someone, they wont say to you as I was once told: "you SOB, I am going to f u in the a until you love it." The guy took all the time to type that, now THAT IS FUNNY.


Personally, I am 51, brought up 2 kids already and seen everything 2X, I talk trash when I am looking at monitor on occasion, but I do NOT take the time to type it. To type something so FAR OUT THERE (as above) that it is actually now an example of something to laugh at for that server as that is what that server stands for/has a rep for/you can expect to be talked to when U play on it. R U supposed to reply? No thx............


If you are a server Admin, what do you want YOUR SERVER's rep to have? Common respect and no swearing/offensive language to all players required on THAT server? YEAH, THAT IS MY SERVER, both my sons are Engineers so I seem to have pretty good ideas somewhere.


The only reason I make such a point of that, is people say "U f'n a$$h__e" to someone for no worthy reason, I do not want those people on MY SERVER EVEN IF IT SHUTS DOWN. I have kids as young as 9 on there, they should not see that.


Thats my server and I'm sticking to it B)



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It takes more then 2 or 3 players to get a server up and going and keeps it running.

what I would suggest to you, is to start your own clan.

then post on all the COD4 web sites that you can that you are looking for some older mature players for your clan.

it will take a bit of time to get the ball rolling, you have a lot going for you to start off by streaming your servers with PBBan's shows me that you do care about the gaming you offer to others and want to make it a good environment for all.


my clan

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