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Hostile Tactics Gaming League Partnership


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We are proud to announce the partnership between Hostile Tactics Gaming League (www.htgn.net) and PBBans.


This partnership provides HTGL and server admins with the tools necessary to keep their matches as clean and fair as possible. HTGL has made it mandatory to stream participants servers to PBBans as part of their anti-cheat solution.

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Welcome to PBBans hope we can do some good together :)



We are looking forward to working with you guys and help bringing more people and teams to PBBans for a better gaming environment in general. Thanks for having us.

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The damage is done. ;) Glad to have ya with us as well, and the more, the merrier. More SGA's, more leagues that take on Zero-Tolerance, and better gaming for us all, at the end of the day.

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