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This message on a server I found ALWAYS pops up. I like the way the server plays except for the fact that after each map you get booted and this message pops up:


CL_ParseServerMessage:Illegible server message 95, (131,etc and so on)


It's a Jaymod server 2.1.7. I play there after work to blow off steam and it's fun for me . What's the meaning of that message? What advice can you give me to pass along to these guys so they can fix the problem? EVERYONE gets kicked after map change :blink: :blink:


Thanks for your time .

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Are there any omni-bots running at all?


If so, add this to your server config:


set g_mapconfigs "mapconfigs"


Create a folder inside your 'Jaymod' directory and name it 'mapconfigs'.


Create a .cfg file inside your 'mapconfigs' directory and call it 'default.cfg'. In in, add:


bot kickall


That always fixed the issue for everyone I've set servers up for in the past.


Note that the server must have maxbots configured so the bots will be re-added once they're kicked.

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