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Your Master Player Index Search tool: http://www.pbbans.com/mpi/index.php is great and, I'm looking for insight into how it works and under what circumstances.


Using only the 'Search by Player Alias' in order to find someone's GUID I noticed you don't show the individuals GUID if they haven't been banned.


You may tell me that this is to protect the individuals GUID from being abused. I would trust you if this is the case. And, name spoofing is an issue when looking up a GUID (someone might be cheating using another players name).


But what if the 'Search by Player Alias' can show that (and not saying that the Search can do what follows, just saying if it could):


1) the 'players' name' was used once and only once (i.e., individual made up a name to cheat and threw out the name when finished), or

2) the 'players' name' is only used by the same IP (can someone spoof a name and the spoofed person's IP?), or

3) there is only one GUID shown for the player (can someone spoof a name and the spoofed person's GUID?).


What I'm getting at, if someone is cheating using a name, and there's visual proof, and that name has never been used before and the GUID is available and unique to that player, is there a way to make a connection between the two that would lead to a ban?


Whew, glad i got that out! Hope you followed it. Thanks.

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You must have a server streaming to PBBans which in turn upgrades your forum access to be able to use the MPI to its full effect.


Bans are issued for bannable violations raised by PB software as per this list:

#50000s - Aimbot

#60000s - Wallhack

#70000s - Multihack

#80000s - Gamehack

#90000s - 'Cheat' Video Drivers

#100000s - Speedhack

#110000s - Autofire

#120000s - Game Hook

#130000s - Attempted PunkBuster Hack


and bannable violations that have been raised by cvar / md5 scans as provided by PBBans.com or pbss / demo.


Bans are always issued using the server assigned pbguid only, aliases and IP's are incremental info.

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