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New Clan And Server


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Hey guys,


After lots of thinking and talking about it, my friends and me are starting our own Clan. It will be a SOF2 and COD4-clan. Now we wanne make it as pure as possible. I will be one of the Admins there and we need some help about a good PunkBuster-config and PBbans-streaming. Also a good recon-programe would be great.


If some of you can help us out, that would be so cool. It will be a great clan I bet, one to last for a very long time...


Thnx in advance guys.

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Ok, so thnx for the quick response and we are looking at the recon-programs. Now we allready used the PBb-config and we are now setting up the server. Now I have one more question, when we see a hacker on and I make a demo of him, what do I do with it to get him global-banned??


Ow yes, allmost forgot, when we run PBbans-stream, we are PURE or do we need to contact PunkBuster aswell??


Thnx a million guys.


You rock!!

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Demo's will not get someone globally banned. Only EvenBalance issues global-hardware bans. Not to be confused with PBBans. We do ban based on demo's submitted once your servers are streaming, and the demo's will be reviewed by our demo-review panel.


To stream, you need pb enabled on your server, which is a simple server setting.


pb_sv_enable 1 in your server.cfg file


Running your server in sv_pure 1 is highly recommended.


Additional help with COD4, due to some issues with guid_relax reverting to a setting of 7 on it's own(recommended is 0)


Run an additional task in your pbsv.cfg file to force it back to 0


pb_sv_task 1 60 "pb_sv_guidrelax 0


Some admin increase the time, but I've found that 60 seconds is more proficient. Checking my own server logs, the server still reverts to 7 for a brief second or two with tasking set as above.

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Ok ok, thks again for the info but, just for the future, what do I do with the demo's I make of hackers????



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