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I don't know where else to put this but i was playing on Enemy Territory Quake Wars today and a guy called a_gpmp has been using an aimbot and a wallhack (multihack) and has been for the last few days.

I ahve demo proof but i do not know how to turn them into a video for you all to see.

But also i ahve his player rankings here they are...http://stats.enemyterritory.com/profile/a_gpmp


Total Primary Objectives Completed 12 <LI>Shots Hit / Fired (Accuracy) 5,823 / 13,768 (42%)

  • Wins / Losses (Ratio) 24 / 8 (3.00)
  • Kills / Deaths (Ratio) 962 / 137 (7.02)

and he has been playing for 6 hours!

Thaty is impossible to get without a bot and i know how to play te damn game as well.




Please take this into consideration as me and my fellow etqw players a sick tired of him.




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Hi what server were you on, is it streaming, if not ask the admin to do so, if it's not then submit the demo to the server admin or play on streaming servers where he will eventually get caught. As for the demo most admins of a quakewatr server have the game so just send them the demo file, it does not need converting as any number of edits could happen

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Would suggest you find a server to play on that is hosted with admins, then. Nothing we can do, if we do not have streamed evidence.

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