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Many servers, I'd say about 15% of them, that I join say this when I try to join: "NOTICE: You have been BANNED from this server by Server Admin." (without quotes) I am guessing it is PB related, because a lot of servers have me banned. BiohazardsCustoms is specifically what I want to be unbanned from. I have NEVER cheated... EVER. Why am I banned? I know I am not banned by an admin in Biohazard because I asked the server admins, they say I am not on the ban list of the server, and that I couldn't join ANY of the Biohazard servers if I was banned, but I can join all but the Custom servers. I cannot join other servers too. Servers that I have gone on for a long time, but now I am banned from. I ask the admins, they say no we haven't banned you and you are not on the ban list. They all suggest posting a topic here, at www.pbbans.com. That's what I did :)


If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it.


Thank you,


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I'm guessing you go by the ingame nickname of




GUID: 75740d26


You're not banned by PBBANS as far as i can see.

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Yes, that is my GUID I just looked with /pb_plist command. What else could possibly be causing this? I have the latest version of PB by using pbsetup.exe and I deleted all the files it made and redid it and it did not update so I know I have the latest version. My CoD4 is latest version too. At V1.6.565 (Update from CoD4 website.)


What should I do? I made a new account, and it does it on the new one also.

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[PsB:7908 V01695C61] 711f1d7d9780a7ef599a764f75740d26 "Thomas" "" MULTIHACK #70568


Edit: That sucks on your part though. I hope you get it all sorted out.

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