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Not the most computer literate.. (help?)


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Okay, so our servers started streaming a week or two ago, and i'm one of the higher admins on our servers, i've been playing fine for this week or so, and haven't changed any settings (that i'm aware of) at all.

Today, however, after about 2 hours of playing on our et pro server i was randomly banned for "Generic CVAR Scan" #9001. I have no idea what this is (sorry if it's explained elsewhere, i searched and couldn't find it), and i don't know if i should apeal this ban or change my settings or what the proper course of action is here.

Any help would be appriciated.. thanks in advance.

{LW}Lt. Blueman TAO :(

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Looks like an error. They should remove it.

>PBSV: [From #1 4ec4(?) ^z{^fLW^z}^fLT. Blue^zMan ^1TAO] nextmap = "radar"

But I am not an admin with PBbans

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