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I need help bad.


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Ok so i've been playing cod4 since it came out, never had any problems with pb or anything like that. the other night i get an error saying (service communication failure:PnkBstrB.exe initialization failure). So i was like ok prolly need to update pb or something check firewalls. well i tried updating and nothing tried checking firewalls and it said pnkbstr b was stopped or something but wouldn't let me turn it on or anything, i have no clue what that was about. Being as i don't know much about computers just love to play on them i went straight to the thought well i'll uninstall reinstall. During the reinstall i get an error saying pnkbstr K service cannot be deleted so it cant be replaced or something and i still get the error ingame about the service communication failure. If someone could help me on this i would appreciate it big time i have some matches coming up that i don't want to miss.

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