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can a pb admin answer this


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well he was there about 1/2 hour then he started to kick all the players on the server

i dont know how he did that eather but he kicked about 18 players off my server and he has no admin


What dose it mean locahost

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Check your logs for the kick command being sent. If you enabled admin logging, it should be logged to admin.log in your Jaymod directory.


If not, check your console logfile for any rcon commands being sent. The IP address the rcon command was sent from will also be logged.


For the 'localhost' issue, you may be best asking on the Jaymod forums. It's a Jaymod specific command, and they may be able to address the issue in more detail. /rcon status may have shown the true IP address at the time.

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ok i checked all the logs and theres nothing just this guy and he is the last player left on the server untill one of my admin came on and loged in to rcon and used pb_sv_ban command and baned him from the server also i looked up his ip in player index and he has two guids alos i look up his guid and he has meany bans


i do understand that it might not be him but the second name that is listed is also listed with an older guid and ip that has pbbans connected to it

and still iam not sure if its him


but this is a NOQUARTER server not Jaymod and wth is this locahost

and why it say slot 1 and it shows slot 16

is he useing a hack he just kicke players like it was a funny thing to do

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lol the server is not jaymod its noquarter mod


You didn't state the server mods in your first post, so I just took a wild guess since Jaymod is more popular.


Are you sure it was him kicking everyone? What messages was displayed to the players who were kicked?

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player was kicked by ref thats all and he was the only player not kicked and the last one on the cserver and was hahahaha every time a players was kicked


thats all

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What version of ET are you running your server in?


I have no idea why it would show localhost instead of their true IP. Most likely a mod related bug, which is why I suggested that you should post on the mod forums for that issue. /rcon status should always be used IMO.


BTW...there's an edit button at the bottom right of each post you make.

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NoQuarter, some older versions could be run on a 2.55 server with annoying Server not running compatible version message popping up on a regular basis. The mod was designed to run on 2.60b patched servers. If I remember correctly, some of the bugs that appeared in older versions were fixed and the latest version only runs on 2.60b servers. I can't verify that, as I have not personally run a 2.55 server since 2.55 was a new release idea. I've never seen a connection like that occur, how-ever, in my time running the mod on 2.60b servers, and I recently set another such up again.

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