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Grounds for an appeal being denied


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A few weeks ago a friend of mine was banned from a server (Cr0x sab 2) by a trigger happy admin who claimed he was "hacking", the ban then got passed to PBBans and now he can't access any server with the PBBans list. He doesn't hack, so he went through the process of appealing but was denied when the admin posted pictures of him "Staring at walls".


Now, i understand that some UAV and aimbots allow you to see through walls and so it is possibly the result of one of those, but come on, if you go AFK facing a wall, or are hiding behind cover with an enemy round the corner does that instantly mean you are hacking?


Up until now I have been trying to persuade my clan's leader to get PBBans on our server but if this is the kind of rediculous things that people get banned for, then I don't think I will bother.


Back on topic, my question is "What are the reasons for denying an appeal, and what counts as strong evidence?"


Edit: The ban: http://www.pbbans.com/mbi-viewban-91f45ece-vb56907.html

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The player was not banned for any screenshots or screencaptures - a Cvar scan revealed a cheat which is why the appeal was denied.


The log evidence provided here may help you to realise that your friend has been less than upfront with you about what actually happened.

No trigger happy admin provided pics of a player staring at walls - Our scans picked up the cheat on his system.


->PBSV: VIOLATION (CVAR) #9001: Bakes (slot #3) Cvar mom_aimbot = 1 [d990f5eab60849cce1f9a73891f45ece(VALID)]


Appeals are dealt with on a case by case basis and if a ban was placed in error or if there is any doubt to the legitimacy of the ban then the appeal will be granted and the ban lifted.


In cases like this where the logs provide clear evidence of a cheat in use then any appeal is denied.


Hope this helps clarify the situation for you.



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You can try to create that cvar from console if you like. It will come back as an unknown command. The cvar is created by the cheat that uses it, and is not a default file of any sort. He sold you a line of crap when he says he does not cheat.


As far as the validity of the pbbans detections, his ban should actually prove to you that they work very, very well.

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ROFLMAO !! "My friend does not cheat".... LoL


You need to wake up buddy. Most hackers won't tell a soul they're hacking. I would compare it to a cheating spouse - most of them would never admit to cheating either, and are likely to die without telling anyone.


Esentially cheaters don't want anyone to know they're cheating, because, well.... It's WEAK and proves they suck!!

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