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server help?


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hi guys, just wondering if u all know how to setup that md5 tool or whatever. like where i get it or how to implementit on my server (its linux)

i really dont know linux that much so i need help, also is it really worth seting up or does pb and the list do a good enohgh job? i just heard about an md5tool and that it can scan ur files or something.. any input to make me wiser about this will help thanks.

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How about you post your pbsv.cfg and we can start with that. Have you thought about becomeing a member here ??? Maybe setting up your server to stream to our 'repository' ??? Its a lot easier to help you on the inside, so why dont you fill out the application :wink:



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I am the leader and admin of Snake's server, and i am already register to your site.

But never receive this admin server tools.

I sent manys e-mail and never receive answer, why ?

i am interest to protect my server from cheaters.



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please fill in all information needed and/or make sure you meet all requirements to be a registered server admin.

when you do that you will notice a whole new sof2 forum section for you with all the info and tools you need to get the best out of your pb enabled server.

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To VOD RodeoBob,



This page not working (Topic or post request does not exist)


To Johnny |sf


The only problem i have it is the IP adress of my server, it is change each time i reload the server (home server), but all others request are there's.



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