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nOOb Question Incoming


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If your after something so you dont have to give memmbers the rcon password but want them to have access over the server have a look at this link.




No installation is required.


+1 for clanRcon!


You might have noticed my fervent support for this project... this is because my clan uses it. It does the job, and more :)

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Thanks for the post guys. I really appreciate it.


Vin, What I was asking (sorry I didn't clarify), is how you use both those commands at once?


For instance, Crossfire map ends, now I'd like to load Pipeline next as domination.


I know I could rotate to pipeline, but then the map would restart again if I changed the default gametype after the map loads, correct?

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Change the gametype and then change the map.


Also if you want it to stay on a particular gametype permanently instead of reverting to default, edit your config to take out the gametype.


Example of how most do it:



set sv_mapRotation "gametype sd map mp_backlot gametype sd map mp_bloc gametype sd map mp_bog gametype sd map mp_cargoship gametype sd map mp_citystreets"


Change to:


g_gametype sd

set sv_mapRotation "map mp_backlot map mp_bloc map mp_bog map mp_cargoship map mp_citystreets"


I may have the syntax a little wrong, but basically if you did /rcon g_gametype war it would keep cycling through your maps on TDM instead of reverting to SD after one map.

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