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Strange SS, opinion


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Hi all,


I'm pretty new to server admin (and especially to PB stuff).

We run a private server that we use for FUN match against other teams (pam4).

Last night for the 1st time we runned with PB screenshot feature on and I immediately found something strange.


One of our opponents had a couple of strange SS here below:






From what I've read around, the two above could come from his graphics card having troubles (understandable, he was using a Mobile Intel 965 ...). But the 3rd screenshot was VEEEERy strange:




What is strange is that the top of the screen indicacates ("SPECTATEUR =SK=POINT7") that this guy was spectating on one of his opponents !! To confirm this:

- the glove is fron an "Enemy" skin (=SK= team was using Enemy, this guy was in Allies)

- you can see FPS on upper right corner: this guy has FPS on all the match (visible in other SS) while =SK=POINT7 has never set FPS on (I have plenty of SS)

- it wasn;t ready up period, since in the lower left corner there's the bomb indicator and timer runnig


Now, final proof, I cought inthe logs the following conversation between him and one of this teammates (sayteam) [i have translated it from french, player A is this guy, B one of his teammates]:



A: hey B, I'm before you ...

A: crap I'm gonna die

A: listen, I'm gonna tell you where they are going


I have no proof, but I was watching the console when he said that and this got my attention: I'm almost positive I've seen the PB message of S request right in the middle of the conversation.


Now 2 questions:


1. What do you think of the SS ? Is it OK or is it the result of a bug ?


2. How can a player spectate his opponents in pam4 ?!?!?


Thanks a lot !



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Post some unedited screenshots? We could class them as fakes. It is reccomended you post originals :D

Edited by kingrollo06
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Well, actually I edited the images in order to avoid exposing the supect player until I'm 100% sure it's cheating.

But theonly edit I did was in the lower par tof the ss (text), where I removed the GUID and player name.

The image is exactly as it was in the ss.


It turns out that everything may just be normal: in pam4 you're normally not allowed to spectate opponents, but in Search&Distroy when the attacking team has planted the bomb and the defending teams kills all the attacking players, the attacking playes do spectate the opponnets. We're verifying that. If that's the case, the screenshot is OK (beside the graphics card issue, which is most likely unrelated to any cheating).



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