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Hi Guys


Im here on behalf of a friend of mine, he was added to the pbbans list yesterday playing under the name of Starshine, now he doesnt know much about pb or this site, i have been here a few times so checking this out for him.


Under his GUID 41770c490fe0eaf49e278678f8e1b256 it appears there are some aliases and ip's that have nothing to do with him the 2 english ips are his and the names Starshine deLusional are his but the others are not, for one there German....


So anyways it appears this guy Struppi was caught way back in december with a pb hack?


Can anyone tell me what he should do or wtf is going with this, looks to me like someone took his guid???


Thanx in advance


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I'd be curious about that PsB-related ban too, and if your "friend" can explain it.


Better to get him to submit a forum account application, and ask his own questions.


We can't solve the problem without some direct information from him, and second-party queries are not worth our time.


Thread closed, have him do his own work on his issue, sorry if I seem cold or cruel, but a friend of a friend is hardly worth looking at as it becomes he said, she said....


We're volunteers, here, and do game ourselves. If your friend can't do his/her own dirty work, why should we stretch our staff thin to help them?

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