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Jul 27, 2008

Viol #130035 Violation (PB HACK) #130035

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*|EIW|* (

Now I already made a post back around the 7th of this month about this is was locked and the same will probably happen to this one?? This is the second PP HACK'er that we have caught..... We still have a lot of problems with our server. Infact the server was down for around 6 days with our server provider saying it was a power source??? A power source, I don't think, takes very long to fix... But anyway two caught in the space of 20 days what is going on??



p.s. This is the msg that I recieved from EvenBalance last time and will more than likely get this again???


I'm sorry, but we don't comment on what triggers a particular

violation. By this player triggering this violation, he's already been


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Perhaps some reading needs to be done.


Pay attention to stickies in each forum section, read, learn, self-educate.


There are PBBans detections, and there are EvenBalance detections at work here.


The exact science behind them is private information, how-ever.


If both parties made that information available, publically, we'd simply be giving the cheaters an edge to make a better, undetected cheat that much easier. They create new ones on a daily basis as it is, why give them the inside information?

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