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I've been banned for some unknown reason along with a lot of other people last friday night. There is nothing I can do except for what I've already done. Submit a ticket with Evenbalance and wait.


I'm hoping Evenbalance will let me know what has caused the original problem. The error received was Restriction: Disallowed Program/Driver [90042].


Nothing had changed on my main gaming system in months. All drivers and programs remained the same. The only thing that had changed was my config_mp file. I was using the yitch3.cfg found on a popular website. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post the website so google it if interested.


From my understanding, your config file will not get you banned because those settings are server controlled. When first using the config file, I would get banned for 0 minutes until I set the settings according to what the server was looking for. Could one of you guru's confirm this for me?


Just pulling my hair out here determined not to buy another copy of the game until I figure out what caused the problem in the first place.

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Just got an email from Evenbalance.


No explanation but in response to a letter I wrote yesterday.


"You should not be banned, and you should find that you are not receiving this kick at this time."




I'd definately still like an answer on this question proposed. I'm scared to run any config files not game generated now. Please assist if you know the answer.

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I was using the yitch3.cfg found on a popular website.

Can be it, popular Pr0 configs installed without really knowing what it is?

And if you did know, why bother download someones config?


You are not giving us much to go on here, and when it comes to your kick and what it is or causing it, only EB knows, hence we will never know as they don't give out such information.


EDIT: Vioaltion #90042 should be only a kick and have been corrected by EB, what the cause of the violation is unknown, but I would recommend you to reconsider the config you have downloaded as it can contain cvar's or other possibilities to cause you to still get server kicks in the future.

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I have also seen and used that config while playing. Some servers will definitely kick you for using quite a few cvars that fall out of the ranges provided by the server configs. Basically that server config makes your game run as efficiently as possible by turning everything down as low as possible. And I absolutely agree with Hugin that you should ALWAYS be weary of using anything like that config unless you understand each cvar changed, and how it affects your game, because some server admins may perm ban you for getting kicked from their server, thinking you were trying to cheat on their server. Those server admins are well within their right to ban anybody they feel are breaking their server rules.

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Not to forget, some cvar tweaking is also considered "tweaked out", i.e tweak to get a fair bit of advantage than others. Maybe not ban-able, but deffo kick-able when PB is set up "correct" for those server admins who are aware of them.


If you run a system that bad you need to tweak it out of control, consider hardware upgrades to meet the system requirements than ending up on a ban list.

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Just to clarify. The yitch.cfg was created by jockyitch at bashandslash.com, a very popular COD-info site.




Our very own RodeoBob did a live interview with him not so many months ago, relating to the work we do here at pbbans.


I've checked that config out in the past, when I still had a crappy video card, and it does work to improve fps and such. In fact, that's all it's about. Granted, many of the cvars/dvars are out of range for the way the average server admin will run his server, but there is nothing in that particular config that will get you banned.

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I agree with ya Road, the B&S website is a reputable place to get info, but yeah anybody that downloads any configs most definitely need to do some research on all of the CVAR settings to make sure they won't get kicked and/or banned from servers that have the standard PB set up.....not referring to you BOTA, I'm just stating that people should be VERY VERY careful when downloading another player's config file to use as their own.

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cvars didn't cause that, but as a side note, that file has over 400 entries. I wouldn't just go run some huge config without checking it out first. :o



If you download entire configs from sites and then use them yourself - frankly you are asking to get banned. Too many malicious people and hackers out there to trust downloadable configs.



Case in point.



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