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Viol 90042 Bans Removed (COD4)


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EvenBalance has informed us that this violation was intended as a restriction kick only.


8 Call of Duty 4 Bans have been removed from the MBI and unban commands sent out on Jul 31, 2008 for hub streaming servers.

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ok, so nobody here knows what a "restriction kick" is or what causes it.

Closest answer I can give you is this...


From ==> Frequently Asked Questions about PunkBuster for Call of Duty 4

PunkBuster kicks me with a restriction for unknown API #131133, #131136, etc., and I have no cheats loaded, what is causing this?


Some programs that are not necessarily cheats still hack the DirectX component of Windows to produce a type of "overlay" or other special effects with the video screen. These hacks can be exploited by cheaters, so PunkBuster generally kicks for these type of hacks with a restriction kick which means it may not be a cheat, but it is disallowed on PunkBuster servers that have restriction kicking enabled. Disabling programs such as screen overlays, performance monitoring/tweaking tools, community chat add-ons, etc. before playing on PunkBuster enabled servers will usually resolve the conflicts that cause these kicks. As with all Restriction kicks on PunkBuster servers, we do not ban for these kicks, nor should any server admin or league.

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