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Due to the amount of queries we get from potential, and existing Team Account holders, Maydax has put together a brochure detailing some of the options currently available for streaming game admins in a PBBans Account Control Panel.


You can view/download the brochure in full here;

Account Control Panel Brochure



League Specific:

By the same token we get a lot of queries from interested leagues asking what PBBans has to offer.

Maydax has also included a brochure that will explain some of the options currently available in our League Control Panel.


You can view/download the league specific brochure here;

League Control Panel Brochure


Should you have any questions please visit our forums at www.pbbans.com

Please feel free to pass these brochure links on to anyone you think may benefit from a Team Account at PBBans, or to any league/ladder you play on.

If you admin 1 server or a 100, PBBans is ready to help you to create as clean a gaming environment as is humanly possible.

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