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problem for logging


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pb staff can you look plz


I try to enter on pbbans private forum, or look for screenshoots but i can log my user name, but i have always error => only streaming admin can have access, but i m a admin streaming, yesterday not problem for log but today impossible.


Can you look what the problem ?





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Mauwl your fourm account is not linked to any team account.


The server IP your gave is listed under the 75thRangers. If you want to have higher access to the fourms then you will have to ask the 75thRangers account admin to add you to the the team account as a SGA.



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ty for message firestorm,


yes it's the ip from us server


It's really strange, the server are streaming since begining when we register with you, yesterday i had again enter to streaming server forum and on the private access for see the hash of player. i have already send differents screenshoots with hacker but this day impossible, maybe a deleted account ?


it's possible look if other admin for the server have the same problem => name piggy or madmax with the ip from the same server


ty for your help



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Nope they are on the Team Account and have SGA access.


Maybe they removed you from the team account? You will need to get them to re add you in order for you to get your SGA access back.


Piggy is set as Master of the team account so it is his choice at the end of the day who is on the team account so you will need to speak to him.



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