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non-streaming bans


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We got hit the other night with a group of people using, what seems to be, every possible hack out there. After using wall hacks and aimbots they then progressed onto changing players names and utter douche baggary.


Our server had unique rules (sniper only) and lots of admin reinforcement to keep the server ranked and not modded.


My questions about your service:


1. Is it a mod?

2. Can we selectively ban troublemakers (not streamed) and then ban cheaters (streamed)?

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I am not sure that I understood your question.

If you wanted to ask whether you can ban troublemakers or not, of course you can.

And also if you stream with PBBans the cheaters will get automatically added on MBi and banned from your server.

These two kinds of bans are separate and your troublemakers banned will not be added on MBi, obviously.

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