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bad name error


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Use this command to find out whats on your bad name list



Displays the current bad name list for the Game Server; see the section dealing with the Player Name Management Facility


Use this command to delete an entry from the bad name list


PB_SV_BadNameDel [slot #]

Deletes a bad name from the list of bad names



Got this info from here



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Try joining the server. Then post up exactly word for word what error you get. It will make it easier on us to find out how to help you.

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Do me a favor go into your logs and post up the log entries about your kick. You can change your GUID and IP if you want since this is a public area.


Looks like your name or tag is on the badname list but as you say its empty.


I wonder could this be registered tags doing the kicking?


Maybe an admin with more expierence with that part of pb can answer.

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If it were the protected name it would report that.


Ex: (Some information modified)


[05.29.2008 19:01:47] VIOLATION (PROTECTED NAME) #114: PlayerName (slot #6) Protected Name: [TAG] [369e59dffda0a641ac9815c5ce736f7d(-)]


I really seems like the tag -=6thA=- has been added to the disallowed names list.


Do you have access to the server (via FTP or some other method)?


If yes, review the config files to see which has the bad names listed. Recommend starting with pbsv.cfg and/or pbsvuser.cfg. Also look for any lines with pb_sv_load and review those files also.

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