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Disallowed program/driver


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I have a problem. PB keeps kicking me out of Bf 2 servers. It says im using a Disallowed program/driver error code (125097). I then think it was really because of my driver because I had installed a new one the day before (Nvidea 177.83 vista32bit with PhysX). So I installed my old driver again (Nvidea 177.41 vista32bit without PhysX). But it didn't help. PB kept kicking me out of servers. :(


I tryed all things I could think of. Remove and then Install Bf2 again. Update PB with that special update program. Try other drivers. It still didn't help.


Can any of you help me? I really dont know what's wrong. I'm not using cheats or something that even looks like it. My ingame bf2 name = inAbag16


Tnx for reading!

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If it's really fault of your drivers you might need to uninstall your video drivers, get rid of all entries in the registry (for an egzample by using some free uninstaller tool - just look for one on web) and then install old video drivers.

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The punkbuster troubleticket system is not just for players who have raised bannable violations etc.

It's also available to any player that is experiencing a problem with PB software.

Just explaim whats happened and what you have tried thus far to resolve the issue.


bf2 troubleticket link

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We have this setup on Moongamers servers.......what it does is prevent macros use from a Logitech G15 keyboard.........to fix your being kicked you need to look in your toolbar for Logitech G-series Keyboard Profiler then right click on it and click on exit...........now you wont be kicked and it doesnt effect your use of your G15 keyboard in game .

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