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Hi There I Wish For People TO View My Site And Tell Me What You Think.


I'm A Registered GSA Here And Love Their Services And It Has A Big Community.


Dont Take This As Recruitment/Advertising As I Would Like Outsiders View On My Website As My Members Would Just Like It, As Its THEIR Clan Website.


I Founded The Clan And The Website Is Based On E107 And PHPBB3 That Is Bridged, I Have Customized/Modded Allot Of Features Here And Would Like Outsiders Opinion. Obviously Not All Features Are Available To Guests Due To Bots Crawling Over Them Taking Bandwidth.


The Site Is - http://www.sbclan.co.uk


If You Have The Time That Is That Would Be Greatful And Rate It Like This. Putting Your Own Details In


Design: 9/10

Functionality: 9/10

Features: 8/10

Overall: 9/10




Thank You

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It was looking good, till I clicked the forums button. Homepage is very nice. But the blue and white forums is a clash to the homepage. They should go together, a smooth transition if you will. Hey you asked.







I never was one for ratings. But I gave you a comment.



Here you can bash mine. http://www.Evilrtcw2.com Although many of the features are invisible, except to clan members.

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Came across this post again and forgot to mention that i have completely Re-done the website.


Care to look now?




All comments appreciated.


One bug known is that the sublink links dont work properly in IE - use arrow keys instead until fixed (by holding over link and hitting down key instead of moving mouse)



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