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Is it a cheat ?


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Is this a cheat ?


-=([A])=-Alias (02eeb8d8)

lundi 21 juillet 2008 15:11

PBBans BanID: 81956


* Date: July 21, 2008 08:11 am

* Game: Enemy Territory

* PB GUID: 4d46993da2f389bcdc879fb302eeb8d8

* Alias: -=([A])=-Alias

* User IP:

* Violation: VIOLATION (MD5TOOL) #9002

* Violation Info: MD5Tool Mismatch: menu.wav (len=32)

* Caught on Server:

* Caught by: -=([A])=-


I have been looking for some infos. A file "menu.wav" belongs to a cheat.

But does ET has the same "menu.wav" with the same MD5??


Is it a file's cheat for sure?

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Ban is valid.

100% sure?


No cheat-related information is given in public forums, sorry.

I just want to know if there is a chance that this file belongs to ET and not to a cheat. Do you know if a mod of ET or if ET has the same menu.wav file?


Excuse me to insist.

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you assumption this is not the case :rolleyes:


PS: ingame sounds come inside a .pk3 ;p

OK. Thank you for your answer.



Ps: How can i see all the posts of all the topic? i'am obliged to click on url to see them.

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One of my clan members was caught with this cheat a while back on another server streaming here. Before I started streaming here. I was streaming to another site. If he used it on our clan servers it was not being detected. I too, did not want to believe it. I noticed the ban and let him slide. He denied of course. Once I started streaming here, and learned more about it. He was banned from all *Evil* resources. He later admitted to me he was cheating.


My bad for giving him a fee ride for a couple of months.

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