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Thank You PBbans


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I just wanted to express mine and my clans' appriciation for this service. Since we started streaming a few weeks ago, PBbans has blocked dozens of dirty hacks and cheaters from entering our servers. I was unaware of just how many cheaters there were getting in. Our game play has been much more pleasant and fun since that time. I have had lots more traffic to my servers since I advertized that we are streaming PBbans. There seems to be a great hunger out in the gaming community to find servers that protect the player from cheaters.



Thank you again and keep up the great work.




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What your server have become is pleasant reading for sure, the fact that players actually want to play on a PBBans protected server :) And off course, the fact that you like what we can provide for you :)

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Welcome to the community :)


My clan's servers have done nothing but flourish since we started streaming here - and I am glad you are seeing the benefits too!


If you need to ask anything, just do so - the only stupid question is the one that remains unasked :)

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