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Problems with MD5tool Mismatch


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I have been playing BF2 for over 3 years and during that time it was running smooth. For the last 5 or six months been getting several different from punkbuster. I get into a game & get the warning about MD5tool Mismatch, try agin & bam get same message even on game on different server.Created different ticket to PUNKBUSTER but get same errors (eb6906000336125 was one). I tried to remove PB completely off my machine. Tried to use go to my computer, local disc C, open Program files, look for EA folder & go inside, open BF2 folder, look for PB folder & open, delete contents, not folder, reload PB from the PB exe site, tried that & got worse errors, was ready to uninstall eneryting including BF2, went into PB setup and had BF2 lised in add a game, but was not recognized?, tried to down load even balance pbsvc/pbsvc.exe, clicked uninstall, removed pnkbstra & pnkbstrB service, tried registry & tried to remove pnkbstra & pnkbstrB from hkey_local_Machine for controlset001 & controlsset003, also delete system32\drivers pnkBstrk, some other componet error came up with a not found for PunkBuster when I tried to boot & load machine. Finally I went to program files, system tools, pulled in an older checkpoint restore and that is what I am trying to use today. I dont cheat, never have, never will, all I am looking for is to play a game all the way through, no interruptions. I have been very close lately to deleting BF2 & writing off the 3 years I had invested due to my experiences with PB lately. What can I do to just play a simple game, no errors, no kicks, no messages? Is that asking to much?


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