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I got banned from BF2 on january 26th 2009 while unsing Mumble with the overlay activated.


I suggest you turn it off, there are many instances on the Web of persons being kicked or banned from PB protected games while using mumble overlay. (SOF2, COD4, BF2 are the ones I found so far using google).


Looks like most of them were using the latest version of mumble 1.17 when it hapenned. So was I, the rest of my clan mates are still using an older version and do not have problems so far. I updated my version because it kept muting me for unknown reasons and I would have to Alt-Tab out of the game and unmute myself then Alt-Tab back in. The rest of the guys did not have any problems with it and they are still using 1.14 if I'm not mistaken.


Never had a problem with Mumble in the 5-6 months me and my clan mates have been using it until the last version. So do not use the overlay.


My case is under review by evenbalance via a web service ticket ... until I hear from them, I can't play BF2. :angry:

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OK...thx for info.. I read some topic..that Overlay feature should not use..with PB protected games. So, I guess it should disabled then.

To be sure yes.

We have had some situation in the past for this and it is recommended to turn those off, happy mumbling :)

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