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A GUID is a unique ID assigned to each player. This is typically based off a CD-Key.


Generally this can be found by typing pb_myguid in the game console.


What game are you referring to?

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I have BF2 but have not played online in quite some time. I performed the following to get my BF2 GUID:


# Enter a BF2 Server that is using Punk Buster.


# Hit the (`~) key to bring up the console.


# Type in pb_myguid


# Copy down the result. This will be letters AND numbers.


Hope that helps.


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Additionally, you can place the attached file (pbcl.cfg) in your pb folder which will enable Punkbuster client logging. When you join a server, it will capture your GUID (when you enter the pb_myguid command). If using Windows XP the game install path is probably C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\pb.



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