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Pipeline Query?


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I need some advice please, a second opinion if you will ;)


I was playing on the Pipeline map earlier and another player was using the mounted MG, I happened to be using the UAV jammer so was able to sneak up on about 3 players, 2 were killed and this left the only player using the mounted MG, I knifed the player, nothing happened, tried again, still the same, he would not die.


It was then that other players started to comment that he was shot in the head and wouldn't die, I was considering a ban but he said it's a 'bug'.


I've never seen this 'bug' before and never ban unless it's blatant cheating so decided to give the player the benefit of the doubt and just skipped the map.


Is this a bug or possibly a cheat?

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its a bug from what I understand. if the player doesnt leave and come back kick him and it should solve the problem.




Thank you very much :)


Some players on the server were saying ban the cheat, glad I didn't now.

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