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I cant be banned


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hello .. admins . been played " Enemy T " at wss server .. from 3 months ago.. and how do i banned !!.. whats happen is yesterday there was an issue with my ping make it played high and down . and i didnt notice that until an admin told me while playing .. i restart my router and login again but shit i v been banned forever via IP :( this the first time .. . Why ? :angry:

plz help me to remove this ban cos i really love wss and i cant enjoy another server.

My username is Amr

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Click here to find out your IP.


Then reset your router again, and click the link above, again.


Chances are you have a dynamic IP. This means when you reset your router, you lose your old IP, and someone else gets it, and the cycle continues, you get another IP.


Maybe this Clan/Admin banned an IP, or even an IP range (ie. instead of banning, he might have banned 92.6.96.**.

Thus banning, to


That's just an example. Go ask the Admins if they've banned any IPs around the one you found on the link up top of my post :)

Edit: (PBBans don't IP ban :) )

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