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getting PB banned from our server


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hello, i've had my copy of cod4 since release and in the last few weeks i get kicked from my clans server randomly.. i get the admins to remove it and after a few days i get kicked again sayin PB has kicked me..


the admin from my server gave me the guilds he removed from the PB ban list.. none match mine


LPC | Blackw@lf (Admin): [09.24.2008 21:07:46] 116694bcdf69e1730b329db9a7cf7e1e "esp" "esp


the name that i found last time with his guild


116694bcdf69e1730b329db9a7cf7e1e "Dickhead" "Dickhead"


i was wondering if someone has found my cd key and is using it?


any help would be appreciated


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The information that I see related to the above pbguid (aliases and IP) is soley related to you.

The above pbguid is not on PBBans MPI or PsB MBL.


You say you are getting PB banned from your server, what is the exact kick message you receive ?

From were I am sitting at the moment, this looks like a local ban issue.

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