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Appealing a Ban


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I am not sure where to post this.

I have read where any ban appeal info will be deleted.

So I am asking how to ask that PBBans look at a Ban Appeal that has already been closed.

Say even balance looked at the issue and has changed their mind about it being a bannable offense.

Once the ticket has been closed at PBBans there doesn't seem to be a way to ask to have it looked at.

So I am not posting here to get a ban looked at I am asking if any one knows the proper way to request PBBans to take a second look, after the appeal had been denied ?


Thanks for any help

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ok first off can you give us a link to your ban. Next open a ticket with evenbalance again, include the same information (what we asked you to put on your ticket the first them) and PM a staff member with the ticket URL.

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Ice Man


Thanks for your quick response.


I will email the link to a admin.


Even balance had changed their mind after further review and my appeal had already been denied.


That is why I did not know where to request a second look from PBBans

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