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What does having a clan website have to do with setting up a server for streaming ? What about an individual that has a dedicated server or servers ? Are you guys saying that he can't stream his server ?


Any Joe Blow can get a clan website for about $5.95 per month, I don't get how this adds security. Can an admin from PBBans explain this ?


I put in an application earlier today and was denied because I have to have a "working clan website"


I put in http://www.bdrhosting.com which is my server rental site. I am owner of a 200+ plus member online racing league/gaming community that also plays COD 4, we have been around for 7 years http://www.bdrmotorsports.com . Are you saying because I don't have a clan website called http://PwnzJu.com I can't stream ?


I don't get it, so any little hacker and his buddies can get a server from say clanservers.com with a website and be streaming before me no sweat ?

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New security measures were introduced in response to a streaming issue, they were put in place as much for your protection as ours.


In general;

no free e-mail addresses will be accepted.

A working clan website, complete with team roster should be available to view.

Your pbguid should be entered for the game you are applying to stream.

No cheat conviction for any game.


If you fail any of the above criteria, you will be denied an account and asked to re-apply (a cheat conviction that appears on the PBBans MBI will guarantee permanent denial of service)


Just to reitterate why a working clan website etc is now a neccessity, it prevents "one day wonders" cluttering up our systems and shows a long term commitment to the clan/community you represent.


This is not a topic for discussion Bro, if you disagree with any of the above then dont bother applying to stream a server(s)

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