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Sup everyone, just saying hi, was thinking about you guys (having pb issue lol), i might have some free time on my hands once again, tought i might help in some way, been away from it all a while so im kinda off, but you know me :) who's still around???, Maydax, still your crafty self :)


Anyway, ill stop by again, dont stop the good work

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Sup Ace, well, like you can guess, its a girl story....if only i knew lol... Well, beside that, still playing music with friends, we are actualy doing something nice, truly unexpected. Im off from gaming a bit, played Bf2 a couple of times, yesterday had a pb issue, fix it in 2 sec but reminded me on how it was fun to be around. The shit aint perfect still!!!! but anyway, glad to ear from ya.


Hi too to all the new faces(to me :) )

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As I have no idea who you are other than being a former PBBans admin I just through in a Hi! :)


Hi to you too :), i was a site staff for a while, i was reviewing accounts for approval and hunting them little hacks and helping add detection for you guys to have a safe gaming. Kinda working in the shadow, Jolt was working with pbbans at that time, i see you guys are still here, good to see that.

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