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Online games has lost it ways


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Hi all

i have been palying Online games fore quite some time now, but i have seen a shange in its ways

its no longer aboute the fun its all a hunt to for players to chate and have theyr name at the top of the list of all rounds.

cheters are floding over the games in they hunt to stop online games to have fun and to play whit skills,

how wants to be on a aimboot game whit out an aimboot you are bound to have a boring game evry time u log on.

***removed*** are only one of the internett forums that suplyes cheters whit better deskriptions then Punkbuster ewer will cus they are payd by otter cheters, and they udate dayli and i gussing they are mebers here so they can ceep up,

its gratee that u guys do Pb on games, but u have lost the battle and the online games are no more the same,


i miss the good old days call me old well i am but i still miss the time when i cud type gga and meen it.


why have Pb when ***removed*** can help u dayly update new codes evry time u get Pb u are up and runing a new game so fast it takes u hardly a day. how are we kidn


congrats Cheters how read this you are good whit Pc, but you kids want now a gg if it crawl up your cheters Axxhole and gave u an orgasm, i hope u all get ballcanser and die whit that aimboot stuck up your ahole

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Question: if cheat sites stated their cheats were detected, who would buy them?


Case and point: one cheat site (you probably know which anyway) has a so-called 'detection tool' on their homepage which shows all cheats as being totally undetected.


Yet, there is a forum section where players are discussing a cheat being detected for well over a month now.


Summary: claims of cheats being undetected are mostly false :)

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