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login details lost


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hi guys

iv had to make this new account as iv lost the login details for my original account (warp-10)

iam the streaming admin for =OBU=

my pc went tits up and i lost everything

but this allso happened at the same time my domain name was due for renewal :( www.clanobu.co.uk

so i cannot use the password recovery option to get the password sent out as i nolonger have the email address (lost domain name)


iv tryed to add this new account but as we are allready registered and streaming it will not allow me to

so if you could change my original account email address or reset the password and let me no what it is

i can then log in and make the nessesary changes

i have sent many emails in regard to this problem with no response

plz help me get my streaming login account back

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So much easier to make your current forum account the active one of the 2 and set it as team account master :)

Your earlier forum account is now consigned to the scrap heap.

Any probs let me know.

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