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Now Linked to a hacker


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Well I have been playing BF2 for well over a year and a half now and I have never been caught cheating, I dont cheat and I never will.. My normal account is =(eGO)=Bigbird.



I had a clean history under that name until today when I was asked by someone to put some jet time on their account. I never knew much about PBbans and the way it worked until tonight. I later found out that the account I used from the friend was a dirty account with a ban history.

Toxicsnipey http://bf2s.com/player/94559503/


This is now linked to my account due to my stupidity. Is there ay possibly way to get that connection removed from my accounts because I dont want to be branded as a hacker when I dont hack and never have. Any kind of research or info is welcome if it would be at all possible to clear up this situation.

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Anticheat orgs & ladders will look at the IP banned & not just ban anyone using a new key.


I ran the nick toxicsnipey and don't see any bans really, Only him using a leaked cdkey


PBBans: [PBBans:68341 04.29.2008] 97e0312a "=TS= Zimeon" "" "MD5TOOL #9002


Which is an IP from Sweden. and not your friend loxicsnipey


Don't worry about it.. Nothing there that incriminates you

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