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PB Screenshots (cod4)


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Ok so I'm an admin of a CoD4 server but i don't have box access. Is there a way to make punkbuster screenshots taken with Rcon automatically upload to an online FTP so that i can view them without having box access?

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Who's your host? If you're an sga, you obviously have some sort of ftp-access if this is your own server for your clan, or you might also need to ask your head sga for access, if he/she is willing to permit it.


Not sure if you're clan-owner, as I didn't search that far into your profile.

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Say they permitted this, (i do know we have an FTP) how would this be setup in CoD4

If your game server provider does not allow ftp access to your server, you can ask them to provide you with access to the server's pb folder. Alternatively, some hosts will provide you with a facility to simply view your server's PunkBuster screenshots.

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Well there are over 100 people in my gaming unit 12 admins. 2 with full RDC box access, i was basically looking for a way to view these without box access, as the people with it are never available.

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If you are running a Linux server, you can use Foxdie's script:




FN=`echo $1 | sed -e s/"\(\\/.*\\/\)"//`
FULLFN_HTM=`echo $1 | sed -e s/"\([.]png\)"/.htm/`
FN_HTM=`echo $FULLFN_HTM | sed -e s/"\(\\/.*\\/\)"//`
SVSS=`echo $1 | sed -e s/"pb[0-9]\+[.]png"/pbsvss.htm/`

ftp -np $FTP_SRV << END_SCRIPT
quote PASS $FTP_PW
put $1 $FN
put $SVSS pbsvss.htm


upload that script into pb folder ( lets call it ssweb.sh and /srv/et/pb is pb_sv_homepath ).


pb_sv_sscmd "pb/ssweb.sh ; sh /srv/et/pb/ssweb.sh"


That will upload the screenshots, and pbsvss.htm to your web server, each time a screenshot is taken :)

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