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GUID Ban (Hurting an honest player here...)


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To whom it may concern,


I decided today that I would get back into COD4 MP after not having played since May. I had sold my copy of game/key on ebay and figured that was the end of it. However, today I had purchased a new key and to my surprise I get this message. I know for a fact it is not the key, so please don't say that this is what is causing the issue.


Now, I'm not exactly sure how my PC is banned for the actions of someone in another state. I have NEVER lent my key out and don't live even remotely close to Oregon. Furthermore, I have been around the PC FPS scene since MOH:AA and have NEVER used hacks/cheats/etc. Really this is overkill, does PB just ban every IP/Hardware ID under the sun related to a particular key? I also noticed that an appeal had been already made; obviously not by me. I can also provide ebay/paypal evidence of having sold the game back in May if necessary.




Thanks, I hope this issue is resolved quickly.


EDIT: I really don't want to see those responsible for this ban to get away clean, so if it is possible just to remove my systems information relating to the ban, then that's the way I'd prefer it.

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there is nothing else that can cause the issue.



A. You got the key from a second hand source


B. you have some kind of virus on your computer which stole your key


Your 32 digit guid is a creation of your Key.


I see IPs from the Northern Mariana Islands and Italy leading me to believe the key is stolen or sold to multiple sources.


PBBans does not edit our MPI information, if we did it would be useless. I would suggest that you first check the source of where you got the key and if you really think that the source is clean then I would reinstall your whole operating system and start over.

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Thanks for the reply,


I have already tried the key on another PC/internet connection and all is well when connected to PB enabled servers.


From what you are telling me, the GUID that is currently being generated is from my current CD key and regardless of what happened with my old key that should not affect me, correct?

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if your old key is history then it should not matter. As far as being able to connect to pb servers on one computer with your new key then the new key with another computer, your best bet would be to contact evenbalance and ask them. PBBans does not issue global or hardware bans




I hope you can get everything sorted.

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You do not get a new GUID by installing a game on a different computer, it's related to your cd-key only. Perhaps include that information, when talking with evenbalance on this issue. As stated above, though, this key appears to have been stolen, as it's used by multiple users in several different locations.


Personal recommendation would be to buy a new copy of the game in a sealed package from a legitimate source, rather than a used game from e-bay.

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