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Rodeobob ---- An Update


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The mystery has been solved we have found the truth behind rodeobob!


The wall of lies has been broken down and the truth is now out


A PsB admin has spoken out against rodeobob


you can see it on our forum

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find another site to spread your shit.


and for everyone else I will be removing your posting rights if this continues. Anti cheat sites should work together and not be counter productive as to what terry needs to post.



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Does it matter how PBBans was formed 5 years ago? Fact is we are here and nothing will change that now. Most of the staff including myself had nothing to do with the events 5 years ago.


I could give a rats ass what happened back then and I'm sure many people feel the same way. Lets move on because we left the past behind long ago.


As an example for the old timers here I'm sure they remember when our forms replaced "psb" with "other site", now with dual streaming there is no reason for exclusive streamers anymore.


Finally tell Bazaar to grow up and accept what happened. He really needs to move on instead of digging at 5 year old drama.

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Nobody cares for your "issues". Get a life or join #whine&care. I'm done now reading more useless yada yada from dipsticks, who's only inclination is to waste our time, all followups will now join their fav member group instantly.



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