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windows xp 64bit and SS problems


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Hello, I have been playing battlefield 2 for quite a while. I recently got banned from a server that I really enjoy playing on. I am not a hacker and I personally think using cheats is not right. The reason I was banned is some screen shots from pbbans were black and some were duplicates of others. I was flying a jet at the time and doing quite well 30-2. So an admin, doing his job, checked my SS. He thought I was running some kind of hack that blocks SS. I have no way of proving my innocence. I am running windows pro XP 64. I have been searching the net for problems associated with PBBans and windows 64. I would really like to clear my name and get back on this server. Please help. My BF2 screen name is Charamoya. Thank you for your time.

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There is really nothing that pbbans can do about this as its not there fault there are alota diffrent reasons that return black SS's and nothing u can do about it sometimes old graphics drivers do it most of the time its a vista user maybe 64 bit users get it more often i dunno but i would recommend to you try and plead your case to the clan/admin that banned you to the fact that your not hacking and the simple reasons a black ss can be returned

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