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What is a Black PB SS


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OK we got a pbss and it shows nothing, all black is that just a glitch or a comfired bust?

This pbss comes out of our servers pb folder hosted off AOW The date was 10-18-08

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Black screenshots happen all the time, and are not necessarily malicious.


It's known to happen to alot of people who use Windows Vista, and there's a ton of other reasons that cause black PBSS as well.


No bust. Your also not a Streaming Game Admin, so you would not be able to get this onto the PBBans master banlist (in case you did not know this).

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Streaming Game admin? We stream all our servers to pbbans, is there something other we also need to be streaming?

Sniper46 is our server MP,Tech, all this he would be submitting anyway, I just wanted to get an idea as to why black pbss come to us black......

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