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little help.


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Hooks are chunks of game code that get called (or ?executed?) when a certain event occurs.

A game hook violation is where a cheat program tries to change or alter an event in the SoF2 game.

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is this something u have to dl.if not how excatly does someone get it,we have one of our member as well getting kicked for it.is it something u can get by going into another sever with ur dl's on or no.

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1. Game Hook looks for files related to cheats or are cheats.

2. It kicks for files then raises the flag on that CD-Key.

3. It is a VALID hack because it does make sure it is certain there is a violation and that it is a hack.

4. It is a BANNABLE offense.

5. Game hooks kicks for:

----No CVAR cheats.

----Files related to cheats.

----Multiple games using files.

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Well, all i got to say is PB has had these 'hacks' for a loooong time. Either they 'cant' detect it or they are not interested in detecting it. After all, if you can get a group of people to do your job for you, why would you spend your time and resources, when you can make your money else where, rather than updating your existing software on a almost 3 year old game. After all can you get support for windows 98 from Microsoft now??? only if its the second edition. I am not bashing EvenBalance, or their software, but they are a company that looks at dollars and cents. You see any money coming out of SOF2 ??? Suck it up ladies and gentleman, it will be a cold day, before you see PB detect any of the NEW (or year old Hacks)  


Sorry Ken NO disrespect intended, I fully support EvenBalance and PunkBuster Software but I feel that they no longer support the SOF2 community. Those are my views, the best indication of future events is past events, and in the past we have been left with 8 months of undetected hacks, for which I know for a FACT you have been sent on numerous occasions. Not a challange, but prove us wrong.  


In the mean time we will have no choice but to waste our valuable playing time, searching for the CVARS used so we can lag the shit out of our servers doing your job. We will continue to fill up our hard drives with demo's, and continue to support this site in making online gaming a better place.  


Please, throw us a bone, show us you still have interest in helping the SOF2 community and Detect this crap so we can get positive violations from your software.  


Thank you for your time, if ya got this far down the thread  



Well, I have been wrong before and I guess I am wrong again. :oops: I guess Ken and EB did show us they still support the SOF2 community. :wink:


Sorry I ever doubted you or your company. I look forward to the next round 8)

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