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Dirty Words


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Morkeye is a COD2 and 4 racism and language tool that can be set up to monitor your server for you. I've personally not had much luck getting it to work, but others here use it and speak quite highly of it.
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Road Warrior thx 4 answer. I can't run morkeye :( I don't know why! I try configure it any possible way. I was read help about morkeye. Morkeye doesn't work! Is there any other way to secure server against dirty words?

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Unfortunately, no. COD4 doesn't include the badword list filter option like some previous Quake-engine games did.


One thought, though, is to perhaps send in a ticket to your gameserver host and see if they can help you set it up. It might be a simple permissions issue on their end, and once changed, would allow the program to run for you.

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